One thought on “Zed Denim & Browns Social House Patio Party

  1. The owner and the Korean guy never show up on time and the hours of operation the store posts (11AM – 6/7 PM) is always a hit and miss, they never show up on time and always leave customers wait for them outside.

    They are supposedly open today (Easter Monday), since there is nothing posted on the website stating otherwise and we drove there, there was no sign saying they are closed. We gave them a chance to show up and left at around 11:40, 40 minutes after their stated opening time.

    This Michael Burt is a useless business operator and the only direction the business can go is downwards unless he smartens up.

    We will not be going there again. Mark James in Kitsilano and Brooklyn Clothing in Yaletown are where people should go, NOT Zed Denim and Threads in Port Moody, save yourself the trouble.

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